Can we set mining permission (for first and other blocks) according to user permissions?

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I was wandering if there is any way I can configure the parameters in such a way to give mining rights for first transaction (asset coining) only to users who have mining permissions. While after first block confirmation, leave mining open to everybody or rather allow mining only to those who have issueing rights?..

I was also wondering if we can specify mining rights according to the asset/permissions combination?

Thank you!
asked Apr 5, 2017 by Fede

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Right now its not possible to do this – the single permission mine determines who is allowed to create blocks. Can you explain the real world usage scenario you're trying to achieve?

answered Apr 6, 2017 by MultiChain
That's a pity! I am trying to allow users to issue an energy assets that has to be certified (in its issuance, or at first block) by energy companies. And after first mining round (certification by energy providers), everybody can mine transactions and exchange it freely. If you can support somehow, it would be awesome! Cheers
It sounds like you might be confusing two separate notions – who is allowed to transact in an asset, and who is allowed to mine blocks. You can control who performs the issuance separately from who can send and receive the asset, and neither of these things are necessarily correlated with who is allowed to generate the blocks in which all these events (issuance and transfers) are validated.