Nodes with different timezones

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I have been testing a MultiChain private setup across some docker clusters and I have noticed that there is no compensation for nodes with different timezone settings. For instance, I have the majority of nodes set to BST but one that is set to UTC throws errors when receiving blocks/transactions. Both nodes have the right time as far as their timezone is concerned, but it seems that the communication is not taking this into account between nodes. I therefore see a lot of "Time is too far in the future" errors. Is this behaviour correct? If so, then how is does BitCoin work across multiple geographical areas?
asked Mar 26, 2016 by ProjectZen

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There should be no problem with nodes in different time zones - the issue is rather with nodes that have a very different opinion about the current GMT time. You should be able to resolve this using the ntp unix utility.

answered Mar 27, 2016 by MultiChain
Thank you, after some fiddling I found the problem was using 2 different NTP sources (one from apple and one from Google). I set them to use the same and everything is now working happily merrily.