What happens if network connection to other nodes goes down? [closed]

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What happens to a message if the network connection between this node and other nodes goes down? Does the mutichain server report an error, or does it hold onto the message until the connection is restored? Other nodes may continue to generate messages, perform mining and add to the chain, which means that when the connection comes up again the blockchain at my node is out of step with that used by the other nodes. Does the blockchain get synchronised before my message is added to the end, or is my message lost?
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asked Mar 27, 2018 by Tony Marston
closed Mar 28, 2018 by Tony Marston

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Any transaction sent through a node is held in that node's memory pool, and will be retransmitted to other nodes once its peer connections come back up. And yes, the node will also catch up on everything it missed in the blockchain. So in effect the message will indeed be added at the end, after the connections are renewed.
answered Mar 28, 2018 by MultiChain