List of all the nodes from our blockchain

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I need to have the list of all the nodes from my setuped private blockchain. is it possible to view all connected nodes.

asked Apr 24, 2019 by rajat

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You can use the getpeerinfo command to see a list of all nodes connected to this node, but that is not guaranteed to show every single node connected on the blockchain.

answered Apr 24, 2019 by MultiChain
I have two nodes the one from which i have created private blockchain
and another one from which i have connected to blockchain with command  `multichaind [chainName]@[ip]:[port]`.

When i am accessing nodes information using `multichain-cli [chainName] getpeerinfo` it returns `[]` blank array but connection was success from other node.
Make sure that both nodes are running when using "getpeerinfo". i.e. multichaind <chain-name> -daemon.