Connecting all nodes with all nodes

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I've created a blockchain in my node1. Also, I have connected other 2 nodes in this blockchain. All steps to do this have worked fine. I've installed our web view in the node 1, and there I'm able to see the other 2 nodes. Now the question: I've installed my web view in the node 2, and there I'm just able to see the node 1. What need I do to be able to see the node 3 in the node 2 web view?


Thanks in advance.
asked Sep 8, 2017 by Diego Lopes
edited Sep 8, 2017 by Diego Lopes

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The nodes should discover and connect to each other automatically as part of the peer-to-peer process. So the most likely explanation is that is some reason why two particular nodes cannot connect to each other, because of firewalls, or NAT routers, or some other network-level issue. Does that make sense here?
answered Sep 9, 2017 by MultiChain