Multichain addresses

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I appreciate your great efforts by providing us the platform to learn more about blockchain and also constant support on this forum.

I require answer for two questions:
1. I am curious to know if every address needs to be connected to the node in a private network?
2. Is it possible to generate address outside the private network as a peer and transact? (Like Metamask)
asked Apr 12, 2018 by Pavan123

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As with public blockchains, there's no need for the addresses used on the network to be generated/stored by the nodes. But if your chain is permissioned, these addresses will still need to be granted the ability to transact.
answered Apr 13, 2018 by MultiChain
But is it correct, that you can only generate keypairs offline for a network if you know the params.dat, since you have to use some of the parameters to get valid key pairs?
Does that mean to say that node which provides one peer with address to send and receive only will not be able to send the transaction when that node is down?
@Alex - you don't need to have the params.dat to generate the key pairs in raw cryptographic form, but only to know how to represent them correctly as text with the right version prefixes (and checksums) for that particular blockchain.

@Pavan123 - the transaction can still be sent when the receiving node is down, it's not a problem. The receiving node will catch up when it comes back online.