getstreamkeysummary condition

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Is there any way to apply conditions to a 'getstreamkeysummary'? for example 'status' == 'pedding'
asked Apr 7 by suscitar

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Not currently, but we're interested to understand your requirements. Can you please explain in more detail what you are interested in doing?
answered Apr 8 by MultiChain
First of all, I am sorry for my English, I am using the help of a translator to communicate better, currently in Brazil I use a lot of multichain for private solutions and asset management, to create financial management mirrors (entrances and exits of company assets and etc) but my demand has increased a lot and I'm starting a project to teach for free other developers and even developing enthusiasts how to program using decentralized solutions (blockchain), as I have an opinion that blockchain publics will never get used in a way comprehensive in corporate environments, I am looking to create with this community that I intend to create, totally decentralized solutions where the database would be totally in multichain, applying only a REDIS to accelerate perhaps the queries to the front. When I saw this getstreamkeysummary functionality, I came up with several ideas, but it would be very interesting if we were able to query the summarized results. I already have some projects to do, email, application like whatsapp, even a new web, decentralized yesterday the stream would be the sites and people could subscribe and unsubscribe in the stream of interest, thus updating them in real time in a decentralized way ... Anyway the possibilities are endless, I hope you have understood my application's way is basically make the streams of the multichain database tables.
OK, thanks for your reply. For now your best solution is to mirror a stream's contents to some other database (perhaps block-by-block) and then query the database in the usual way. But we are aware of demand for the product going in this direction.