Pre-condition to allow a node to join the seed node

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We are currently trying to connect a s390x (Z Virtual Machine)  to an existing x86_64 (master node) running a multichaind daemon, doing so we encountered the following on master's debug log

2019-06-24 18:19:19 Adding fixed seed nodes as DNS doesn't seem to be available.
2019-06-24 18:19:26 MultiChainMiner: Block Found - 006ee4b75bb2291cda8639d58abfef3238f35a043b014ea93e89ba1b3e2a3d8f, prev: 00c6aae5b436e564266bfddfed14babaf0088d958dff1ce3d60f2db65ac47ccb, height: 6, txs: 1

We would like to know the pre-condition to allow a new node to join the seed node. Also,

1) On Z-Slave node,debug.log does not show receive any incoming message.
2) Do we have to additionally configure firewall ports to allow any incoming message.

asked Jun 25, 2019 by Harsha
edited Jun 25, 2019

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answered Jun 26, 2019 by mirabdulHaseeb
Thank you for your response, currently I'm not looking to auto grant permission for any node to join an existing cluster.

Instead I would like to know the pre-condition which is considered whilst adding a new node. This is mainly from code-base perspective.
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Yes, you definitely need to set up the firewall to enable incoming messages on the P2P port (default-network-port in the blockchain parameters unless you are doing something unusual).

But of course you also need to make sure that your port of MultiChain to s390x is sending the right messages in the peer-to-peer protocol, with the correct endian ordering. A network traffic analysis tool such as Wireshark can help you with this.

answered Jun 26, 2019 by MultiChain