issuemorefrom - external key pairs

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Hello, is it possible to use "issuemorefrom" command where "from address" is imported? Ex.

./multichain-cli chainX issuemorefrom 13zST3mg49re6BZA2k5rGyCgTuJVSZ77cgpEgv 1L9A2EXjT24seamSRn4BTUXcgFbm9FxrnGQnxp asset1 0.20


error code: -709
error message:
Private key for from-address is not found in this wallet
asked Apr 6, 2019 by anonymous

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Yes, it is definitely possible. See this page for general information about external key management:

But the examples there don't cover issuing more of an already-issued asset. See this page for information on how to build that transaction using createrawsendfrom, and then apply the information in the other page regarding signing and broadcast:

answered Apr 8, 2019 by MultiChain