How to record multiple fields (multiple key/value pairs) onto MC all at once?

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In addition to sending/receiving digital assets via MC, how could we record data onto MC?

A simple case, to record contact info for a person.

Sample data:



C. S. Woodson

12345 future sweet street

City-to-be, myState 54321

Phone: 123-456-7890

Email: csli@someEmail.addr


Learning needs to be thoughtful as well.  Blockchain is our common future.



For the above we have two sets of data of [Address] and [Notes], how can we record all of them to either a specific stream or ?

Fyi, I'm on MC 1.0.5.

Many thanks.
asked Aug 2, 2018 by aspring2

1 Answer

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For this kind of use case I recommend using MultiChain 2.0 (alpha) which natively supports JSON items in streams. More here:
answered Aug 3, 2018 by MultiChain
Great.  Can I upgrade my current version of MC for all the nodes (one on Windows 10 and the others on Ubuntu vm) to 2.0 (alpha)?
If so, could you provide the URL for upgrade documentation?
Many thanks.