How to achieve highest TPS for simple asset transfer?

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We are using 2 VMs having t3.xlarge( 4 vCPU core, 16 Gib RAM, 2.5 GHZ processor) configuration.

We are sending asset from admin node to other peer node for a constant span with "sendfromaddress" API.

Please let us know whether we need to vary default blockchain parameters and what will be the number of users per node to attain 1000Tx/second.
asked Dec 6, 2018 by anonymous

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The key factor here is the number of unspent transaction outputs (see utxocount field of getwalletinfo) that have to be selected from, when sending the asset. If this number balloons, it will take longer to build the transaction for sending. Other parameters of the blockchain or situation will have a limited effect.

answered Dec 7, 2018 by MultiChain
Hi Team,
We have analysed the utxocount and have seen if utxocount is less, then TPS is higher.
Accordingly we have changed our use case where we are sending +1 qty Asset from Address 1 to Address 2 and then Address 2 to Address 3 and so on & we are again returning the same Asset to Address 1 after few iterations. So ideally in this scenario we should have 1 Unspent Tx for this entire loop as we are sending the same asset to every other Addresses.So our derivation is "utxocount" should be 1 for this entire transactions.
But we are observing utxocount is increasing just like txcount.After end of test sometimes utxocount is automatically decreasing or else we need to execute "combineunspent" API to reduce the same. So we are not getting this pattern.