Setup for 200-300 Tx per second

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Hello MC team

I am developing a solution based on 3 nodes  ( one for main , second for receiving all the transactions generated against the first node and a third node for backup purposes ) that will have mining permission and this nodes will receive a top peak of 300 transaction per second (api calls) to one of the nodes.What is the recommended hardware and configuration ( of the chain) for supporting this burden and give flexibility for more than 1000 transactions per second in a near future.? These transactions include validating of course.

I am using multichain Comunity edition

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asked Jan 14, 2020 by davotrade

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The answer will depend a lot on the types of transactions you are performing, so we cannot give you a hard spec. Our general performance recommendations are provided on this page:

And you should of course test your expected workload in simulated but realistic conditions.
answered Jan 16, 2020 by MultiChain