How can I test max TX per second using a RPC API calls

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Hi MC team

I want to test my maximun Tx per second , aI have a small node running locally and I would like to make a benchmark test using my favorite json rpc client ( Insonmia ) , The test I want to run is sending assets from an address to other ( in the same node), how must I configure the api call for this can be achieved? For example. How can I configure this to be done multiple calls at the same time?

Example below.


"id": 0,

"method": "sendasset",

"params": [





asked Jan 12, 2020 by davotrade

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First note that if you're rapidly sending assets between addresses in the same node in a loop, the process will soon slow down because of UTXO inflation in the wallet, with the node not having a chance to combine UTXOs. Instead you should repeatedly send assets to the chain's burn address (see getinfo output).

Second you can just run a regular JSON-RPC API call in a loop and you'll get a pretty good readout. There is also unofficial support for sending multiple JSON-RPC API requests in a single HTTP request so that might give you a slightly faster outcome.

answered Jan 13, 2020 by MultiChain