How to use Multichain to design a simple model for Land registry digitizing?

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I am a student in big data systems master, i am trying to present a model for digitizing land registry using blockchain.
i need some guidelines about using multichain to achieve the idea. 

where to start?

can i use vmware's or i need more than my pc?

is thers a project that is executed using multichain as same as land digitizing can i review and benefit from? 

thanks in advance, appreciate any help.

asked Sep 6, 2019 by allouf

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Please see this question page for some pointers:

You can start building your application on a single node on a PC, although of course in this case you won't be realizing the real benefits of using a blockchain.
answered Sep 9, 2019 by MultiChain
thanks for ur time.
that is not my question, i mean as a developer how will i test the app and the blockchain on my developing pc, on vms or i need more than one pc.

thanks to Developer Q&A for the MultiChain.

i m still reading, i didnt start building or developing until now ...
You can run multiple MultiChain nodes together on the same computer, within a virtual machine, using the datadir, rpcport and port runtime parameters to change some node behavior from the defaults: