How to improve tx/s performance

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i have deployed a Multichain blockchain on my desktop pc (i5@3.20Ghz, 8GB RAM) with 2 nodes. The performance is really low, since i am getting like 1 tx/s.

My params configurations looks as follows:

target-block-time = 2                  
maximum-block-size = 1000000000       
anyone-can-send = true                
anyone-can-receive = true              
setup-first-blocks = 60                
mining-diversity = 0.5     

max-std-tx-size = 10000              

Also i am using Windows cmd with a for loop to generate transactions:

for /l %x in (1,1, 10) do multichain-cli blockchain2 sendassettoaddress 1CtfVVPeXsvfdo9C1X37sh3B7hQxgNPsyAjEU2 multicoin 1

I would like to get the maximum tx/s out of my resources, can you help me on identifying the bottlenecks?

Thank you!
asked Apr 20, 2019 by Chris K.

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Your problem is almost definitely that you are sending transactions back to the node's own address, and this is inflating the wallet with unspent transaction outputs, causing a long delay in building each next transaction. Instead we recommend starting again, but sending assets to the chain's burn address (available in getinfo).

Another problem will be that each time you send one transaction, you are starting a new Windows process (multichain-cli), which is itself a slow operation. To get a real sense for MultliChain's performance, you should send transactions through the API directly from a single process that keeps running.

answered Apr 21, 2019 by MultiChain
Thank you, i have now connected through the API via JSON and i am getting on average 20tx/s with two nodes. There is no significant difference in tx/s when sending assets to the chain's burn address (also around 20tx/s), is there any issue with that?
Are there any other parameters and combinations of them to maximize performance?
I have by now reached ~100tx/s by restarting my machine, so this helped me much.
That is much better, although note that we can see over 1000 tx/s on strong Linux installations.
Hi Chris, can you please tell me how you sent multiple transactions
I have no idea of APIs can you please give me a link or tutorial that I can read
Here's our Getting Started guide: