Validator node selection

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Hi there, let's say I have 5 nodes in the same blockchain/network.

4 of them can mine, one can't (the regular node)

Now, for availability sake I'm hosting the regular node and 1 of those validator nodes in the same datacenter, and the other 2 in another.

My RPC connection is made with the regular node for security purposes, so when I send a signedTransaction to the regular node it needs to relay it to a miner node.

Is there any way that I can 'force' or 'select' the node which will be doing the mining?

My concern is that if the regular node relays the transaction to a different datacenter additional latency may occur.

Thanks in advance.

asked Nov 25, 2018 by Maxi

1 Answer

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No, I'm afraid there's no way to specify which node should be used for mining the next block when creating a transaction. In any event, unless you have a very low transaction throughput on your blockchain, this wouldn't really make sense, since all the transactions coming from different places will be mined together in a single block.

Is there a reason why it's a problem to wait a few seconds for a transaction to be confirmed?
answered Nov 26, 2018 by MultiChain