Different block time for same sized blocks

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why multichain mining process adds same size blocks with different time intervals?

for e.g. I did 10 transactions from 10 different accounts to two different accounts. Some blocks are taking two seconds to add the transaction from node's wallet to main blockchain while some are taking 10 to 11 seconds.

The transactions are almost identical. The difference is in their sender and receiver 's addresses. An early response is requested.

asked Nov 24, 2018 by Kashif Mehboob Khan

1 Answer

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There are two separate factors going on here. First, the intervals between blocks are not perfectly spaced, but rather have some randomness with an average spacing of the chain's target-block-time parameter. Second, a transaction can take longer or shorter to confirm based on when it is broadcast, and how long it takes to propagate, to whichever node ends up building the next block in the chain. It could arrive a split second before, and therefore be confirmed quickly. Or it could arrive a split second after, and then have to wait for an entire block interval before it is confirmed.

answered Nov 26, 2018 by MultiChain