Multi addresses but only the address with admin permissions can create block

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My problem is as follows:

i have created 4 nodes and each node has a address with mine permission and there is only one admin address in net. however, i find that only the address with admin permission is the block miner. why other addresses with mine permission can not mine?

by the way, i create the blockchain with default params.

asked Jun 7, 2018 by zyzhou

1 Answer

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This is because, by default, MultiChain will allow the recent miners to keep mining in rotation, so long as this doesn't violate the mining-diversity constraint. It makes forks less likely. If you want to make mining fully random, run this on every node:

setruntimeparam miningturnover 1

Or in your next chain, use the mining-turnover blockchain parameter which sets the default behavior for all nodes.

answered Jun 7, 2018 by MultiChain