grant admin to a address, but not work

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Hi, I run a chain with three nodes, all three nodes has admin I want the forth node join, I grant the forth node with  permission "connect,send,receive,admin". and grant tx is committed into block(seen from multichain-explorer), but using listpermissions I found the forth node only has permission "connect,send,receive", not with admin permission. It's really weired.

I use the version alpha 23.

asked Aug 23, 2016 by binta

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The most likely explanation is that other administrators also need to approve the same address as an admin, due to the consensus level set in the blockchain parameters - see admin-consensus-admin on - this enables chains to be administrated by consensus rather than allowing individual admins to make the most important changes on their own.

You can confirm this by calling listpermissions with the verbose parameter set to true, and looking in the pending field of the output for permissions changes which are pending further consensus.

answered Aug 24, 2016 by MultiChain
selected Aug 26, 2016 by binta
Thanks a lot
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The listpermissions call shows permissions for all addresses, not just those controlled by the current node, so you need to cross-correlate its results against the addresses that belong to this node (getaddresses, though note this will include any imported addresses for which this node does not have the private key).

answered Aug 23, 2016 by MultiChain
actually I use "listpermissions all <address>", which shows all permissions associated with <address>. the result shows only three permisssions associating with the <address>, no admin permissions. and I notice the grant transaction have already committed into blockchain. Is a bug here?
OK - please see other answer.