Create address with all permissions granted , when they are created

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Hi MC Team

I am developing an aplicattion and I want to create several addresses but when these are generated using "getnewaddress" api call , they already have all permissions ( create, mine, send , receive,) already granted by default.

asked Jan 10, 2019 by davotrade

2 Answers

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When you create an address with getnewaddress, this is an event in the local wallet. Granting a permission to an address is something that happens on the blockchain. So there is no natural way to connect these things at the node level.

But if you want to do this in your application, you need to grant the permissions to the address immediately after it is created, either on the same node, or on a different node, depending on where the admin permissions lie.

You may also want to consider setting some anyone-can-* blockchain parameters so that certain operations are open to all address:

answered Jan 10, 2019 by MultiChain
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You can use use getnewaddress or createkeypairs as multichain API to create addresses on this blockchain. The difference between them is that createkeypairs creates non-wallet address while getnewaddress creates address on the wallet itself. So, if you want that your new addresses don't have all the permissions by default then you can use createkeypairs to create new addresses as these will be non-wallet addresses and therefore you can give them the required permissions independently.

answered Jan 11, 2019 by gimmick