Assets do not get propagated to the blockchain node on different server on the network

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I have setup a 4 node blockchain accross two different servers.
Thay have been linked in a way that node3 was connected to node2
and node2 to node1 which is the initial blockchain node.
All three reside on server1. If I add new assets to node1 they get
propagated to node2 and node3 successfully.
The forth node, node4, resides on server2 in it was connected to
node3 residing on server1.

Server1 and server2 are both on the same network.
All nodes have assigned different rpcports and pear to pear ports
so there is no confusioin there.

My problem is that I do not get any asset propagated to node4.
Can you please help?
asked Feb 22, 2016 by Nenad P.

1 Answer

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You should first check that all the nodes are connected to each other, using getpeerinfo and also getinfo to see that they are all on the same block count (give or take 1 if a block was just created). It sounds like node4 might simply not be connected properly to the others.

answered Feb 22, 2016 by MultiChain