I do not receive assets in sample_wallet

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I have configured my multichain blockchain to work with sample_wallet,
Before I could not send assets because it indicated that the address was incorrect, I solved it by changing the configuration of the blockchain.
But now I have another problem, I have basically modified from Netbeans, the NetworkHandler.java file so that as dns only appears and (another pc)
I do not know if this is the cause of the problem but now I do not receive the shipments of assets, the console from where I run sample_wallet shows me the following:

12:21:02 INFO NetworkHandler.getBlocks: 'getheaders' message sent to []: 8333

in a repetitive way

And sometimes I get:

04:23:30 WARNING NetworkHandler.processRequests: Purging unavailable transaction request initiated by local

I have waited about 10 minutes and the assets do not arrive, any idea?

thank you very much, greetings
asked Mar 6, 2018 by javi
edited Mar 7, 2018 by javi
I'm afraid we can't offer support to this level but perhaps someone else in the Q&A can help.

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