Missing assets - where have they gone

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I used both getinfo and getpeerinfo and the nodes are on the same network. What I do not understand is that ONLY after I have restarted the nodes (new ones) to which asset propagation did not take place, the propagation of assets took place, it happened.

Now, I do not think that this is the intended behavior of the blockchain, the propagation should take place as soon as new assets have been added to ANY node on the same blockchain.

Another issue, after this propagation has taken place, I have ended up with 6 nodes (node2, node3... node7) having the same number of assets - 9477, but only the first one (node1 - the initial one with admin privileges and after which (node1) all the other nodes (node2...node7) have been created and inter-connected), that first one, node1, was reporting 28 assets less...

So, what happened with the missing assets on that first node and how come it does not get synchronized with the rest of the nodes so that it get the missing ones - the difference, and all of them have the same number of assets in the end.
asked Feb 25, 2016 by Nenad P.
Thanks for your question. We are discussing this in the dev team and willl get back to you shortly.

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Thank you for getting back to me. I am really looking forward to hear your opinion why is that ONLY after I RESTART the nodes (new ones), the propagation of assets takes place.

Now, after couple of days later we can call them existing ones. So, for last couple of days, as I reported, I was getting discrepancy in the total number of assets per node. Let's say 4-5 out of 7 would have the same number of assets, but the other 2 either less or more, some 20 to 30 assets.

Tonight I have decided to RESTART those 2 nodes and you can imagine my surprise when, after scanning all nodes, all of them, including those two I just restarted, reported same number of assets - 9450 assets.

So, what is going on here... 


answered Feb 26, 2016 by nprnic
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After discussing it internally, we concluded this is most likely related to a bug in the current alpha of MultiChain, where generating a lot of new assets in a short time can lead to clashes that in turn lead to a fork. If your mining diversity was set sufficiently low, and you had multiple mining nodes, this fork could persist for a time.

We've already fixed this problem internally and the fix will be available as part of the next alpha, scheduled for release in the next week.
answered Feb 26, 2016 by MultiChain