But Where should i enter my code?

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I have read document's smart filters part but i actually wanted each and every step to run my code. Like how should i add my code in command line. There it's written that java-script engine is already embedded. But in which location i have to add java-script code? How should i check that it is working properly? All these things i wanted to know. Can anyone please guide me? And also i want to know more about smart filters. So is there any article or research paper which can be helpful to me to know smart-filters in detail?
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asked Jan 26, 2020 by anonymous

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You can read this to understand Smart Filters and how they compare with other smart contract paradigms:


The bottom of this page contains a step-by-step tutorial for creating and adding a smart filter through the command line:


You can also use the MultiChain Web Demo to write Smart Filter and test them on new transactions:

answered Jan 27, 2020 by MultiChain