Where are sendasset confirmations coming from?

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I just followed the 'Getting Started with Multichain' tutorial and am currently on step 4. After using sendasset to send assets from my first server to the second server, I can view the resulting balances on both servers correctly using gettotalbalances. 

When I call listwallettransactions on the second server, it lists all the transactions correctly. However, I don't understand why the transactions are being confirmed? The newest transactions have 2 confirmations and the older transactions have more and more confirmations. But I haven't set up mining, so I am confused as to where these confirmations are coming from. 

Does this have to do with the parameters of my blockchain (I used the default params)? The default params have mining-diversity=0.3, and since only the first server has permissions to mine, it should not be able to mine two blocks after each other, according to the white paper. How do I gain control over mining and confirmations?

Thank you in advance!

asked Jul 3, 2017 by Tomas

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The mining-diversity parameter sets the minimum proportion of the permissioned miners who have to participate in rotation in order to create a valid chain. This is different from the proportion of connected nodes (although with mining-diversity=0.3, one out of two would still be fine).

FYI you can use listblocks to see which address/node is mining recent blocks, and there is also a pause mining command.

answered Jul 3, 2017 by MultiChain