How to start the node from UI

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Hello Friends,

Thank you for developing this wonderful platform for blockchain. I have few Question  like:

1. I have created my chain For ex my chain name is 'chain2'. Now for starting the chain I have to type in CMD multichaind chain2 -daemon. Now I have taken a ref from multichain web demo and developed one small application. My Question is there any way that from UI I can give one button to user if he/she clicks the button node will start using JSON-RPC???


2. Secondly, I had run my PHP project using  XAMPP in one system in IP . Now I have connected another system/node with the IP to the same chain with connect,send permission. Both computer is connected in LAN intranet. My question is if I am disconnect the Node1 in CMD i can view that the chain is connected in CMD but in application its shows that the chain is disconnected. I understand that I am doing something wrong. Can you please help me out.
asked May 23, 2018 by piyush.sahay

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To answer the questions in turn:

1) It's not possible to start the node using the JSON-RPC API because that API is itself provided by the node. It needs to be started via the command line of your system, or some automatic process starter.

2) The web demo is configured to connect to specific nodes, not the chain in general. But you can configure it to offer a choice of multiple nodes, using the mechanism for multiple chains described in the README.

answered May 24, 2018 by MultiChain
For suppose I want to connect to the single chain with multiple nodes in UI. How can I achieve it.
You can configure this easily through the config.txt file – just set up multiple nodes and the Web Demo will offer you a choice of which. This is all explained here: