How to duplicate a chain from an ubuntu VM seed node to windows host ?

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I know that there two similar questions to this that have already been asked but they didn't really help me find a solution.

I have an Ubuntu VM which contains the seed node and I try to copy the chain on Windows. I get the following error: Couldn't connect to the seed node 172.x.x.x on port 6817 - please check multichaind is running at that address and that your firewall settings allow incoming connections.

I get the same error with the other ip provided by multichaind. 

Additionnal information:

- This command works on both machines

- I have added a rule to windows firewall to allow incoming connection on the port 6817

- On Ubuntu, I have allowed connections on port 6817.

- The answer to one of the questions was : "The issue is most likely that your node is behind an Internet router, so incoming connections don't come directly to your computer. If so the solution is to configure port forwarding on your router.". I do not have access to the router. The whole configuration of the routers is done by the company. I am not sure interns are allowed to ask them to change the parameters.

- I think the error might be linked to either the firewall on Windows or Ubuntu because when I try to telnet 172.x.x.x 6817 from Windows to Ubuntu, I do not get a response. Windows keeps waiting for a response and there is none.

If this is the problem, then it isn't really linked to multichain but could please try to direct me to a possible fix ?

- However, both machines can ping each other.

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asked Apr 18, 2018 by newbie
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2 Answers

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a chain dir can copied, zipped and unzipped like normal dirs containing files.

if the chain don't start you must import as new chain.
answered Apr 18, 2018 by elpapais
Thank you for answering. I have a question regarding your answer.
I have manually copied the chain that but doesn't it mean that windows and the ubuntu vm will end up having different chains ? If there are modifications after manually copying the chain, these modifications will only on the node who made them because they can't find each other, right ?
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The first thing to check is that you are using the right port – you need the peer-to-peer port (from the node address), not the port for API connections. If you can telnet to that port from one VM to the other, then the problem does not appear to be with the firewall.
answered Apr 19, 2018 by MultiChain
I do use the port for communication between nodes and i get an error
Connecting To x.x.x.x ...Could not open connection to the host, on port 6817: Connect failed
So this is most likely a networking issue within your organization, and you should please talk to the network administrators about it. Or as a workaround, you might be able to use a common port like 80 (http) for the peer-to-peer connections, if this is not blocked without the organization.