Multichain can do this?

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Please clarify me first: (I do search already about them but after all that i am just a newbie)

If i am understanding correctly!

Then the currency like bitcoin should make a demand like Exclusive items that can be only bought by bitcoin makes bitcoin valuable or creates it's value in usd (Is that correct)?


2nd :

Can i achieve same kind of power or maybe more functionality like passing streams or native assets etc using Multichain(don't know if bitcoin too have this)?



If i have to create my own demand over currency what are necessary steps to do so, How i put my multichain native currency like bitcoin to exchange .



If some 6th user wants to connect with 5 peer to peer connected nodes with 1st node ip and if the 1st of them is not online then will the  6th will auto connect using automatically other nodes those have blockchain downloaded and online?  and is this what requires, so more people can connect with (anyone-can-connect to true) publicly ? 


5 th

Can i create online forum or dictionary or encyclopedia website hosted over multichain peer to peer users. if so then DNS transfers to automatically one of the online IP? or is there some other technique to get online nodes and automatically connect to them by any user who has internet.


Please answer me guys as much as you can it solves most of my complications...


asked May 20, 2018 by Jeevanjot

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1) We can't really answer this, since it's a question about crypto-economics.

2) Yes, MultiChain supports streams and native assets, and bitcoin does not support this.

3) That depends on the exchange and you would need to ask them yourself.

4) You would need to make multiple IP addresses available in some list and have users try a second one if the first is not online. Or create some DNS entry which rotates between different node IP addresses.

5) You can use MultiChain as the shared data layer for any forum/dictionary/encyclopedia, but the application itself would run outside MultiChain, and it would not serve the website directly.
answered May 21, 2018 by MultiChain