can I make coin with all its tools with multichain ?

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I am going to make my private coin, so I need to know if I am able to make my coin (should part of it to be pre-mine) and make wallet as well with its blockchain.

if all these are available, can someone guide me the steps one by one, and I will be so grateful!

Thank you in advance!
asked Jan 2, 2018 by Ghost

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In general this is possible. The main thing to focus on it setting the blockchain parameters correctly, including the native currency ones. You can use the first-block-reward parameter as a way to perform premining, but having the genesis node receiving a fixed amount of currency when the chain starts.

You should be able to use any open source bitcoin wallet to work with MultiChain easily, but it will require some modifications to the source code, to allow different ports, genesis block, and so on. But a full explanation of all this is unfortunately outside the scope of the support we can provide on this forum.

answered Jan 2, 2018 by MultiChain
Have been using and loving multichain for some time now. We went ahead and banged out an electron app that uses multichain-node to interact with multichain via API calls. Basically, a GUI wallet for multichain. Still going thru UI/UX changes, but is up and running. Can grab it here -->