multichain can be use to prove work?

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I want to use blockchain to prove work, I have lot of PDF, and I thought insert hashes of PDFs into a blockchain.

I already look at the public blockchain but transactions need a minimum cost...

In my case I don't need to add financial transaction.

My question is, if with multichain I can store data (here pdf hash) without pay, and if I can use multichain to prove my work ?

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asked Aug 8, 2016 by anonymous

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If you want to add data (like pdf hash) to a transaction, use an API like sendwithmetadata whose last parameter provides hexadecimal metadata to be embedded in the chain.

With default settings of blockchain parameters, transaction should not move any asset and it doesn't require any fee.

answered Aug 8, 2016 by Michael
Is there a limit to how many bytes can be added to a transaction?
Currently 8MB, if the blockchain parameters are set appropriately, and this should rise in future. For more information: