How to use blockchain to record data related to an IoT network

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Hi multichain team,

My project's layout: I got a number of IoT (internet of things) objects that act as weather stations and a multichain network that will hold IoT specific data. Particularly, when something wrong happens to a weather station (sensors will check the hardware health) a software agent -installed on each station- will send the appropriate "health check" payload to multichain.

What I want is, after a "broken" IoT sends its state to multichain, the multichain itself to send a "message" to the healthy IoTs about the broken state of that specific object.

In few words, a want a mechanism that will notify the IoT network when new data is added to multichain.

Any ideas on how to approach?


asked May 5, 2018 by Athanasios

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If a node is subscribed to a stream, then you can use the walletnotify runtime parameter to execute a shell command every time a new transaction comes in on that stream:

answered May 7, 2018 by MultiChain