Can I think of using Multichain for Internet of things ?

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The sensors can be nodes if they have the computing power or we can make a node as gateway  to collect information  and send it on the chain . Any ideas ?Private blockchain seems to be ideal for this. I see lot of discussions on security of IOT and how blockchain can fix it. What are the pitfalls in using multichain for IOT ?  Is the computing power of the nodes only concern for low powered IOT devices ?
asked Nov 25, 2017 by varadarajan

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A permissioned blockchain can be a good solution for collecting IoT data if you are concerned with making sure the data cannot be tampered with, or deleted, but it does not protect you against the risks of data theft more than a centralized database. Also bear in mind the transaction rate, which will be lower on a blockchain than in a centralized database.
answered Nov 27, 2017 by MultiChain
Data can not be tampered with  but can be stolen ? The difference is not very clear.
Tampering with data means changing what is written in the chain.

Stealing data means being able to make of copy of what is written in the chain.