Why number of blocks increasing automatically ? And is any config to stop it ?

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Hi, I got a same problem as this question : https://www.multichain.com/qa/2310/increase-of-block-made-by-blockchain

But I still don't know about mechanism of creating a new block in Multichain : Why can it automatically create new block ? And have any config to stop it ?

Additionally, how many transactions that one block can contain ?

Please give me answer, thanks. Sorry for my bad English.
asked May 5, 2018 by nguyenanhtu

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The mine-empty-rounds blockchain parameter determines whether blocks continue to be generated if there are no new transactions, and for how long. In general it's worth having some blocks generated, in order to increase the security of the blocks that went before.

The maximum size of a block is defined by the maximum-block-size parameter, and this determines how many transactions it can contain. The simplest transactions are about 250 bytes in size.

answered May 7, 2018 by MultiChain