Increase of block made by blockchain

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i created a blockchain with Multichain in blockchain mode and i don't made none transaction. So, there is only transaction (in metadata type) that generates genesis block. The network is composed only by my testing machine.

So, i don't understand why blockchain generates always the blocks (without transaction) and the number of transactions increase.

So, the number of transaction is equal to the number of blocks plus one and the number of blocks is equal to number of confirmations. Why?

Thank you, Davide
asked Jul 26, 2016 by 4maggio

1 Answer

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Blocks are generating at the desired rate, even if there are no new transactions performed. The transactions you are seeing are the "coinbase" transactions, of which there is one per block. The coinbase transactions serve several purposes, including the miner signature to prove who generated the block.
answered Jul 27, 2016 by MultiChain