Node & Txs Limits

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So, if we would like to build a chain with 15 seg block generation (no diffculty) what amount of transactions would be a problem?

So there could be a bottleneck problem if too many nodes connect to a single node? How many would be a problem?

The peerlist command only shows the peers connected to the current node ... not the whole list of nodes in the chain. Correct?
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asked Apr 26, 2018 by Fer

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In general, independent of the block time, you can process up to 500-1000 tx/sec on mid-range servers (the exact limit depends on many factors).

Within reason, there is no problem with nodes having many connections to other nodes, because each transaction or block is only retrieved once.

And yes, the peers shown in getpeerinfo are only the peers for that node.

answered Apr 26, 2018 by MultiChain