After being these data as a stream can we make these data as an asset and making it exchangeable?

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asked Apr 23, 2018 by mina

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In general (and not specifically relating to blockchains) it's not possible to make data into something that behaves like an asset. The point of an asset is that when it is transferred from one party to another, the first party no longer has it. But data is not like that because you can't force someone to forget data once they have seen it.

Can you please explain on a higher level what you're looking to do, and we'll let you know if it's possible.
answered Apr 24, 2018 by MultiChain
selected Apr 24, 2018 by mina
Thanks for clarifying the terminology of asset, what I am looking for is using files(PDF or Images) as an asset whatever the content of these files.Considering that one file is equivalent to one unit of an asset.
For Example when A has 500 file and he transfers 1 File to B, A has 499 File and B has 1 File.
I'm afraid that files just don't work like that. If you send someone a file, that doesn't mean you no longer have it. Can you please explain the use case in detail?