Creating raw transaction of an external address

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So we need to create a raw transaction from an EXTERNAL address (an unsupervised external to the node's wallet address) to an INTERNAL address (an address contained in the node's wallet).


createrawtransaction EXTERNAL INTERNAL amount


The problem is that to do so we need a list of the inspent transactions to that EXTERNAL address and we cant use "listunspent" because it isn't in the node's wallet.


Is there an alternative way to create raw (unsigned) transactions from uncontroled addresses?

asked Feb 12, 2016 by nicosandller

1 Answer

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Use the importaddress API command to add the external address as a watch-only address for this node. Then you can use listunspent to see the unspent outputs for that address.

answered Feb 12, 2016 by MultiChain