Stopping A Node

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This might seem like a dumb question but I just want to be sure. So I have two nodes connected to each other on the same server. The first node is the one that created the blockchain. If I stop it using the command:

>sudo multichain-cli [chain-name] stop

Will that automatically kill all the other nodes created afterwards that are connected to the blockchain as well? Also is it possible to stop one node without stopping the entire blockchain and the other nodes connected to it?
asked Apr 1, 2018 by JGDNIR001

1 Answer

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No, stopping one node does not stop another node at all. Each node is independently controlled.
answered Apr 2, 2018 by MultiChain
Does that mean every time I start up the network, I have to start up each node independently? Is there a way to start up one principal node which would automatically start up all the other nodes connected to the blockchain and similarly kill all the other nodes when you close it?
No, I'm afraid this is not how blockchains work or are designed. The idea is not to grant centralized control to any individual node, but instead to create a network of peers which independently managed themselves. So I'm afraid it would not make sense for the network to be controlled in this way. You could of course create an external solution to doing this, but it's not part of MultiChain's functionality.