Bad file descriptor - error

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I've a testnet built for a few months now running. Current block height 735k

When I try to create a new node it starts ok to syncronize but after a few thousand blocks it stops. I see this error:

2018-03-30 03:12:34 mchn: Parameter set from peer=71 verified
2018-03-30 03:12:53 socket receive timeout: 61s
2018-03-30 03:13:17 socket send error Bad file descriptor (9)
2018-03-30 03:13:17 mchn: Sending minimal parameter set to

Please advice.

Kind regards.

asked Mar 29, 2018 by Fer

1 Answer

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After this, does the node reconnect again, and then continue updating? If so this is the expected behavior where there are a large number of blocks to be processed.
answered Apr 2, 2018 by MultiChain
double free or corruption
I had same error in Open Suse Leap 15 on a Raspberry PI3 B+.

Any idea?
The node is not continue synching blocks