[ERROR] CheckProofOfWork() : nBits below minimum work

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I have 4 node setup running in production for more than three months. all the node was given admin and mine permission. suddenly today when I logged into one of the node and checked the log file I saw this issue. because of this issue we are not able create transaction. 

here is the attached screenshot


What could be the issue? is that bug in multichain? how can i resolve that

asked Nov 21, 2018 by anshuman
Please post your blockchain parameters here, and we will try to help.
Thanks, I've sent this to the team to take a look.
Thanks. waiting

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According to your logs, these errors occur when node is launched, on blocks which were already accepted to blockchain, i.e. passed POW (nBits) check once.

My best guess,  the MultiChain directory is corrupted.

Did you move or edited files/directories in MultiChain directory manually?

Do you see these errors on all four nodes?
answered Nov 25, 2018 by Michael