Update Asset Not working in MultiChain Web Demo

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Pls check below link which has sample assets. Try to update assets custom fields and notice that values are not changing.

For example -Change "Approval" from "Head Office" to "local office" for GBP Asset and notice it doesn't work.
asked Mar 28, 2018 by sharedmocha
Have you fixed it? Seems this is a bug in the MultiChain Web Demo since I experience the same issue.
Got it! In file page-update.php you have to change line 26 from:

for ($index=0; $index<const_issue_custom_fields; $index++)
for ($index=0; $index<const_update_custom_fields; $index++)

Took me a couple of hours to find the bug. (Seems easy after you know where it is, lol).
Thanks for finding this, we've fixed it in the repo.

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That's strange. Can you please post the output of this command from the command line:

listassets * true

answered Mar 29, 2018 by MultiChain
I have exactly the same problem. Seems there is a bug in the MultiChain Web Demo. If I do the issuemore command manually, it works perfectly.

It does work partially. The transaction is created but the metadata is missing and now shown in the multichain explorer (tough the new metadata is written in the formular fields of the Web Demo).

Here is a picture for clarification: https://imgur.com/uWtsrND (or: http://up.picr.de/33023946ph.jpg)

Some more information:
I am very confident that the metadata part is missing in the api call: {"id":1529...,"method":"createrawsendfrom","params":["1address",{"1address":{"issuemore":{"asset":"c7d...","raw":0}}},[{"details":{}}],"send"]}

As far as I understand, the metadata should be in the "details" part at the end of the call. But the information is missing.
Please see me answer above.