Not able to connect to MultiChain Web Demo

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I am not able to connect to MultiChain Web Demo

My set up is as follows:-

a) On Docker-

1. Pulled Ubuntu

2. Logged into Ubuntu

3. Installed Apache2.:- sudo apt-get install apache2

4. Created Node 1 and started Node 1 with these details.

MultiChain server starting
Looking for genesis block...
Genesis block found
New users can connect to this node using
multichaind chain1@

Node started
root@4308f3e0bb34:/tmp/multichain-1.0-alpha-21# cat ~/.multichain/chain1/multichain.conf
root@4308f3e0bb34:/tmp/multichain-1.0-alpha-21# grep rpc-port ~/.multichain/chain1/params.dat
default-rpc-port = 2748                 # Default TCP/IP port for incoming JSON-RPC API requests.

5. Downloaded web demo code as

6.where should I place this code exactly? when  you say , inside your web server, what does it mean?

since, my web server apache2 is inside the same Ubuntu as shown above.

where should I place it?

7. I believe , then I need to update the properties of the config.xml as :- with the values of the node                # name to display in the web interface
default.rpchost=           # IP address of MultiChain node
default.rpcport=12345               # see rpc-port from chain parameters
default.rpcuser=multichainrpc       # username for RPC from multichain.conf
default.rpcpassword=mnBh8aHp4mun... # password for RPC from multichain.conf

8. Also, once the files are present on the apache web server, how do I launch it  the UI, wahats the command for that

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asked Oct 19, 2017 by Sankaran

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Your web server will have a directory that it serves files from, often it's /var/www/html but you need to check the documentation for your particular setup. That's where you put the Web Demo files.

You view them in your web browser by pasting in the IP address of the server.

answered Oct 19, 2017 by MultiChain
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Please see this. It took me few hours to figure this out

root@ip-172-31-35-26:~# cd /var/www/html/

root@ip-172-31-35-26:/var/www/html# ls


root@ip-172-31-35-26:/var/www/html# pwd



answered Oct 19, 2017 by Neeraj