Send assets using other node's address and privkey

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Hi everyone! I have a tow Multichain nodes (Node1 and Node2).

I'm trying to send a certain qty of a native asset from Node1 to Node2, the thing is that the node that is making the transaction is Node2. What I mean is that Node2 is going to send itself assets from Node1. At first, I can't do this using sendassetfrom because Node2 doesn't have the Node1's privkey. I know this's not recommended but how can I do this transaction? I don't want to add Node1's address and privkey to Node2's wallet because, using an external service, I will give Node2 temporal access to Node1's privkey

Thank you
asked Feb 26, 2018 by sshdez
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Of course, a blockchain is meant to prevent one node from spending another node's assets.

If you want to do this in certain cases, the way to do it is use importaddress to add one node's address to another node's wallet, without the private key. Then you can use regular methods for signing transactions using an external private key, which are explained in detail here:

answered Feb 26, 2018 by MultiChain
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