Compatibility with Counterwallet

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Hi MC Team

First I am planning to use counterwallet ( a free open source that allows to issue assets on top of bitcoin) , knowing that multichain is a fork of bitcoin itself and considering multichain can be easily configured in a bitcoin style format changing certain parameters , my question is do you think it could be possible to replace bitcoin full node with a multichain instance and connecting to this wallet?

Second , I have tried with other wallets before and no success even when the params.dat is the same of bitcoin , it seems to me the problem is the genesis block that "dislikes" the bitcoin wallets-

I know its a complex question but i would really appreciate your help

asked Feb 18, 2018 by davotrade
Howd it go with this?

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We don't know about this specific case. But as a general point, MultiChain's API is backwards compatible with that of Bitcoin Core, so you should be able to do what you want. Of course if you use the Counterparty protocol for asset issuance you won't gain the advantages of MultiChain's native assets.

Also yes, you may find that certain bitcoin wallets don't like connecting to a MultiChain blockchain, because of the genesis block contents, a protocol version number, etc... You would really need to do some debugging to find out the cause of this dislike and to work around it.
answered Feb 19, 2018 by MultiChain