By blockchain concept, can we consider multichain as a FULLY decentralized blockchain?

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By blockchain concept,, can we consider multichain as a FULLY decentralized blockchain?

As long as we have at least one ADMIN node, it can be considered as a single point of authority which has a full control over the entire network nodes.

Under an assumption of I designed my system in such a way that I will not make any changes in the future, can I down the Admin node forever and let the whole network running without any Admin node?

If not, Is there is any workaround or suggestions on how to overcome this conceptual issue?

My target: is being a fully decentralized network without any single point of authority.

asked Feb 11, 2018 by memo76

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Yes, you have two options here.

First, if you're really certain, the administrator can remove their own administrator permissions, and then the chain will have no administrator. But this is quite a final one-way street, so I'm not sure it's the best choice.

Second, you can set up the chain to have multiple administrators, with all important changes in the chain agreed subject to consensus between those administrators. See the admin-consensus-* blockchain parameters here:

In any event we have certainly designed MultiChain to function well without a single central admin.

answered Feb 12, 2018 by MultiChain
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