json rpc not working after duplicating AppData/Roaming/MultiChain/mychain

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I am trying to clone a wallet from computer A to computer B, while maintaining the ability to use json-rpc to access the blockchain via localhost on either. 


1. I trivially copy AppData/Roaming/MultiChain/mychain off computer A to computer B via an arbitrary file transfer. 

2. However, after doing so, computer B is only capable of using multichain-cli to access the blockchain, while computer A can use multichain-cli and json-rpc. 


Is there a reason that json-rpc cannot work when the chain directory is duplicated as described? If so, what is the proper methodology for cloning a wallet from one computer to another, while still maintaining json-rpc functionality? NOTE: This is a permissioned blockchain, and it would be preferable not to have to go through the steps of setting up a new wallet, and then using dumpwallet/importwallet to bring the address online.


**Double spend concerns are irrelevant, this is mostly for understanding's sake.

asked Jan 15, 2018 by Ian Ray

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Are you trying to use JSON-RPC from computer A to connect to the node on computer B? If so the reason this will not work is that it's not a local API call – search this forum for rpcallowip for how to solve it.

If you're saying that JSON-RPC on computer B cannot connect to the node on computer B, that would be quite surprising, since multichain-cli is nothing more than a JSON-RPC client. Still we'd like to hear!

answered Jan 17, 2018 by MultiChain