Where can I find the formal JSON-RPC specification for Multichain?

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I am interested in using Multichain as a backend to a specific project involving streams, but I want to write my own RPC calls instead of using the command line. My research has turned up very little specification information either for Multichain or Bitcoin (and nothing in Bitcoin on streams). Is there a specification available?


asked Feb 18, 2017 by hadils

1 Answer

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The command line is just a wrapper for the JSON-RPC API, so you can consider this as the specification:


Also note that the first line output by multichain-cli on the command line shows you the exact JSON-RPC request sent.

One of the few tasks remaining before MultiChain 1.0 enters beta is to finalize all the error code, so please bear in mind that some of these may change. But not the API request parameters.

answered Feb 18, 2017 by MultiChain