Is liststreams supported by JSON-RPC ?

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I'm using the new Stream feature of MultiChain with JSON-RPCand I can't access the list of streams.... When I use liststream in collaborative mode it works fine and I get the right infos, but when I call this command from my python code all I get is this message :

<bitcoinrpc.authproxy.AuthServiceProxy object at 0x7fb81b741fd0>

Any idea why that is ?

Thanks !

asked Sep 20, 2016 by usr1309

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It might be an issue with the Python library you're using not yet supporting the liststreams API call. In any event the multichain-cli program is just a wrapped for the JSON-RPC interface so it won't be an issue with MultiChain itself.

answered Sep 21, 2016 by MultiChain
selected Nov 2, 2016 by usr1309
Thank you for your answer, I understand. I'm using this library :  Python-BitcoinRPC (, which I found following your JSON-RPC API page.
Would you advise to use this library : python-JSONRPC ( which is the official but "inefficient" according to the website ?
Thank you !
I'm afraid we're not familiar enough with these libraries to advise. There are also libraries developed specifically for MultiChain at the end of this page:
Thank you for your advice, I tried using the Python library called "Savoir" mentioned on the page you gave and it worked.