Consensus implementation in multichain

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1. admin-consensus-admin: If this is set to 1 during the initiation of the chain, then any new admin node added to the network should be approved by all existing admins.

a. How is this achieved - how can the existing nodes approve the addition of a new admin?

b. Should this be done at the time of initializing the chain OR at any other time during the life time of the chain?

2. admin-consensus-issue: If this is set to 1 during the initiation of the chain, then any node to be granted the permission to issue should be approved by all existing admins.

a. Same as in 1a.: how can this be achieved - how can the validator nodes (existing admin nodes) approve of the permission?

3. In any of the future efforts is there a plan to ensure that transactions (either asset creation; transaction creation) also reach consensus?

4. Is it possible to implement a custom consensus mechanism on multichain?
asked Jan 28, 2016 by skarred14

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Thanks for your questions.

1a + 2a. This is done using the grant API command. You can use the listpermissions command with verbose=true to see permissions changes which are pending sufficient consensus.

1b. This can be done at any time.

3. It's a future possibility for asset creation, but unlikely to be done for regular transactions with this sort of mechanism. You might want to consider using multisignature outputs instead.

4. Not yet!

answered Jan 28, 2016 by MultiChain
On a related note, is there a limit to the number of addresses that can be added to a node? Could the permissions to add new addresses by a node be granted by the admin node?
No hard limit, but if you had tens of thousands you might start to feel performance issues. Any node can add any address it want, but the admin/s still control/s whether that address is allowed to do anything, e.g. receive and send.