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I’m a little confused as to how consensus is achieved in relation to streams.


When an item is published to a stream, is it mined by the node that published the stream item? Is that block then immediately appended onto the blockchains of all the other nodes as soon as the transaction has been confirmed by the publishing node? Or do the nodes sync at a specific time interval? I presume if the first node wants to confirm another of its transactions, then it has to wait for other nodes to mine blocks in a round-robin fashion as dictated by the mining diversity parameter.


If there is some documentation that I am missing that explains the consensus and synchronisation in more detail, I’d love to be pointed to it. 



asked Mar 29, 2018 by cs1409

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The stream items are embedded inside regular transactions (even if those are transferring no assets) and are added to the blockchain in the usual way, by the nodes which have permission to mine blocks. There's no need for nodes to wait for a transaction to be confirmed in order to generate further transactions – lots of stream items can be confirmed in a single block.
answered Apr 29, 2018 by MultiChain